Action Items

Now we are into the breakdown of larger pieces we want to accomplish. The following are actionable items tied to each larger element. Each action is paired with an assigned owner and given due dates to be accomplished.

Actions to complete

1 Write marketing plan w/budget Sarah / Lynda12/15/17
2 Brand identity refresh Mike1/1/18
3 Find someone to do video (houses/agents/area) Mike11/15/17
4 Source out everything (create cost list) WE•DO11/15/17
5 Identify what needs to be outsourced Sarah / Lynda12/15/17
6 Identify digital tools WE•DO11/15/17
7 Analyze website user patterns WE•DO11/15/17
8 Develop social media strategy (content calendar) WE•DO11/15/17

What happens next?

This point is crucial for the success of the entire project. Often teams get this far and lose steam because they get back to their usual daily workflow and find they don't have time to work on these "extra" things. It is critical to decide early on if you want to champion this project to ensure its success or enlist the help of one of our QUAD Model Champions.