Small Actions. Big Change.

Anchor your business with simple and clear strategy. Discover valuable improvements in any aspect of your organization. Our team offers personal and team coaching through frequent accountability sessions and onsite workshops.

The Benefits of QUAD Model

We remember the bad old days: reams of paperwork, long unfocused meetings, and lack of action items. We developed the QUAD Model strategic planning tool to let you get started in 5 minutes or less.

Reduce cost and risk

Our Champions are laser-focused on finding opportunities to save on resources. Plus we will train your team to think the same way.

Competitive advantage

QUAD Model brings out your position in the marketplace and pushes you to see your company in a different light. We want to see you take the lead.

Fast-paced methodology

Our methodology was built on the simple premise of fours in order to make things happen fast. Develop and test solutions in 12 weeks.

Here is what to expect when working with our team

1. Discovery Session

Our 2 day discovery session allows your team the space to plan big and develop decisive tasks. Our Champion will facilitate the entire process and guide you through QUAD Model.

2. Focused Coaching

Our QUAD Model Champions will provide remote one-on-one and team-based coaching for 2 weeks after the Discovery session. This allows your team time to own tasks.

3. Innovation Workshop

To maintain the commitment to action we will send our Champion onsite to work with your team on prototype and solution development. This phase will last for 2 weeks.

4. Pilot / Prototyping

By this point, we will have prototypes and solutions in place. Now we have to test them to see what sticks and make decisions to shift course if necessary.

Ready to drive meaningful action from your strategic plan?

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Absolutely, incredibly, over the top fantastic experience

-Mark Modjeska [TruVenture]