The Method

QUAD Model spawned from a need for reform and is now our simple tool for strategic planning and problem-solving. Our desire is to share it in hopes that it connects real-world action to the values that drive us all.

  • 1


    The Big Picture

  • 2


    The Road Forward

  • 3


    Focus & Solve

  • 4


    Take Action

A new generation of strategic planning

The old strategic planning tools are outdated and often leave companies empty-handed and confused about how to take their "fifty thousand-foot views" and turn it into action. QUAD Model amplifies and aligns visions and goals with the necessary steps to get there. Here are the sections that make up each step.

1. The Big Picture

Start with the values that drive you and describe the direction you want to take.

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2. The Road Forward

Define measurable goals and indicators of success. Dream big with your team!

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4. Action Items

Get really specific by assigning tasks and due dates to team members.

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3. Focus & Solve

Time for brainstorming. Create prototype solutions to reach your quarterly goals.

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