Focus & Solve

The Focus & Solve QUAD is where we take the big pieces from the Quarter Quadrant and develop action items for each. The best way to do this is to develop a "how" or "what" question for the goal. This approach also brings us into a brainstorming phase where the team can offer new ideas on how to accomplish the goals at hand.


Again we are using Amazon (circa 1995) as the example for a business using QUAD Model. You will see each solve quadrant ties in with the 4 items planned for the first quarter.


*Amazon (1995)

Solve 1: 

How can we prepare to go public?

  • Know current value proposition
  • Board of directors in place
  • Develop message to investors

Solve 2: 

How do we fund a distribution center?

  • Gather financial data to support ROI
  • I.D. items outside of existing budget
  • Find outside investment sources

Solve 3: 

Who is our competition on the internet?

  • Intelligence from shared suppliers
  • Create a list of the top 10 competitors
  • SWOT analysis for each competitor

Solve 4: 

How do we develop a modern website?

  • Design great shopping user interface
  • Develop "1-Click checkout"
  • Create capacity for high user traffic

Solve 1

Select your top priority from the quarter quadrant from the previous section. Reframe the priority into a how or what question. Now brainstorm solutions.....

Solve 2

Next Priority


Form your question first.....


Now brainstorm solutions.....

Solve 4

You get the idea...

Solve 3

Next Priority


Form your question first.....


Now brainstorm solutions.....