The Big Picture

Th Big Picture QUAD represents why you are in business and the values that drive your culture. Your position is what sets you apart and your promise is the most important aspect of your service that you want to offer. This QUAD is your anchor, keeping solutions and improvements connected to your "why".


Values: What are some things that drive you as individuals and as a team?
(ex: Apple - Innovation, Inclusion, Simplicity)


VisionCan you visualize the impact you want the business to have?

(ex: Apple - "We want Apple to be a reflection of the world around us.")


Position: What are the three things that make you unique? The likelihood of sharing all 3 with a competitor is not likely.

(ex: Apple - great products, think different, simple to use)


Promise: What can you confidently promise to your customers?

(ex: Apple - "We want Apple to be a reflection of the world around us.")


1. Values

The principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important. Values should belong to more than the leadership team. They should be connected to the entire workforce.


2. Vision

Your vision is the aspirational picture of where the company is heading long-term. Your vision creates an anchor point (informed by your values) for all actions of the organization.

4. Promise

If you fail at all other things, what is the one thing you will never compromise on?

3. Position

What three things make you unique? The differentiators between you and your competition. Order these by priority.